On-Demand Formulation Development
Blymum’s distinctive approach regarding the research and development of food supplements lays on the concepts of Physiological Modulation (Livella®).

We offer skills and competencies for the preparation of new customized formulations, using single natural components or combination of natural components. A vast range of diseases/psycho-physical problems can be studied. In particular, our proposals are pointed at the prevention of chronic pathologies and life expectation/quality enhancement.

The list bellow refers to the steps of our general offering:

Formulation Designing (Basic Offer)
Analysis of needs, full bibliographical research, dosage form, formulation development, flavor alternatives design and validation.

Formulation Registry & Clinical Trials (Optional)
Experimental design drawing up, Food Supplement submission to Italian/International Health Authorities.
Pilot batch production.
Registry/Clinical Trial for the formulation, data evaluation, and survey.

We follow You step-by-step in studying, drafting and filing ad-hoc epidemiological, clinical, clinical-pharmacology, and pharmacology trials, with the aim at ensuring the scientific validity and reproducibility of the results.

Scientific Publication (Optional)
Manuscript writing, Journal selection and submission (the manuscript acceptance is not guaranteed).
SARS-CoV-2 aka Covid-19 is an untoward medical occurrence, unintended disease or injury, or untoward clinical sign (including abnormal laboratory findings) which is currently ...
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Clinical Evidence Management
Starting from May 2021, a significant change in legislation on medical devices (Regulation 2017/745) will reinforce the requirements for clinical evaluation and place more emphasis...
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