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BLYMUM is an Italian company based in Milan, specialized in developing and marketing innovative products and professional services  for people’s nutrition, health, longevity and beauty.

The Company mission is to offer to the international Market smart, scientifically proven and sustainable well-being solutions for specific human psycho-physical problems, pathological phenomena and adverse living and working conditions.

Livella® Physiological Balance Management is BLYMUM fundamental philosophy for people’s care and well-being improvement, based upon the idea that wellness and health are given by a physiological balanced status of saneness which appropriately runs all functions of the human organism. 

Livella® approach consists of a three-phase pattern of circular activities: human body measurement and evaluation oriented to assess the presence and severity of a given pathological symptom; people’s care and life habit correction; and, if necessary, physiological modulators administration.

BLYMUM Services and Products


BLYMUM offers business-to-business and business-to-consumer professional support in areas concerning:
clinical studies (Formulations & Trials); intellectual property management (IP Fostering); regulatory consultancy (Regulatory Affairs); management consultancy (Sustainable Management).

Within Livella® Physiological Balance Management the following services are proposed: individual physiological balance assessment (Smart Physiological Measurement); on-demand personal consultancy (Life Habit Change), management and workforce education (Well-being Education); market research and marketing (Well-being Marketing).


In terms of products, the BLYMUM distinctive competency lies in the development of Physiological Modulators such as
food supplements, functional foods, novel foods, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

In particular, BLYMUM has introduced on the market a specific group of Physiological Modulators, categorized as food supplements and designated for the female market, presented as
Lilla Line.

BLYMUM is proposing the LILLA LINE whole portfolio or eventually single products for international licensing and/or for definitive purchase. In case of products/portfolio acquisiti...
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LILLA LINE Available at
Today, BLYMUM is proposing its food supplements also through the Italian e-commerce platform
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