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BLYMUM is an Italian company based in Milan providing services, products and knowledge for those Companies specialized in developing, producing and marketing food supplements, functional foods, novel foods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices, and for those Companies strategically focused on social and workplace sustainability.

Blymum supports explicitly the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 
Our mission is to contribute to people’s health, physical and psychological wellbeing, longevity and beauty. 

BLYMUM offers professional support to Pharmaceutical, Food, Healthcare and other Clients in the following areas: Clinical Trials Management; Regulatory Compliance; Wellbeing Management; Sustainable Impact Modeling; Change Management & Mentoring.

In parallel, we are directly involved in product innovation processes. The BLYMUM distinctive feature lies in the development of Physiological Modulators, that are scientifically proven solutions for specific human psycho-physical problems, pathological phenomena and adverse living and working conditions: BLYMUM Food Supplements; On-demand Formulation Development.

Both within our personal mentoring and selected business services, we apply the distinctive methodology and philosophy to self management, life habits correction, health and wellbeing improvement.
It's mindset, structured and customized under the brand Livella®, is inspired by the physiological balance management  of the human organism.

SARS-CoV-2 aka Covid-19 is an untoward medical occurrence, unintended disease or injury, or untoward clinical sign (including abnormal laboratory findings) which is currently ...
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Clinical Evidence Management
Starting from May 2021, a significant change in legislation on medical devices (Regulation 2017/745) will reinforce the requirements for clinical evaluation and place more emphasis...
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