Wellbeing Management

Due to the on-going global increase in the fragility and discomfort of people, the demand for wellbeing services is raising. The goal of BLYMUM Wellbeing Management services is to give a focused support to people’s quality of life, health ability to work and to interact within communities. We fully adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 "Good Health and Wellbeing for People".

Our Livella® Self Wellbeing Management Program is an on-line counseling, mentoring and coaching service for individuals and organizations, with the aim at professionally supporting the physical, mental, working and relational wellbeing in an integrated fashion. The Program provides tangible benefits for people's health and life, and for comfort and organizational performance.

We carry out the Livella® Self Wellbeing Management activities throughout four Key Lanes: Body, Mind, Work and World. Each Mentee is supported along with its Individual Track that defines his/her customized growth and wellbeing improvement.

Livella® Self Wellbeing Management is designed as a Smart Working Program, carried out through on-line questionnaires, measurements, visual interactive sessions and distance individual interviews. Design-thinking and creative digital interactive tools are put in practice to facilitate meetings, decision-making process and communication. A dedicated cloud/private digital space is available across the whole mentoring Track. Blended formats are available as well.

People/Employee who feel listened to and understood do better. People/Employee Wellbeing Management is not a one-time program and effort; it’s a continuous process with a significant impact on the organizational achievements and sustainability.


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