Change Management & Mentoring
Do You spend a lot of time on developing business strategies that remain only a priority of Your senior management?
Do Your people need empowerment in areas such as green economy, social responsibility, stress management, general wellbeing and nutrition?
Are You aware of the need to continuously face new business challenges in a structured and systemic way, unlocking the technical, managerial and creative potential of Your human resources?

We help You to design and carry out
engaging transformation projects and programs that could face and resolve Your problems.
Our experts have a wealth of experience in designing, projecting and managing different scales of Change Management Projects, based upon the integration of three parallel paths: Team Collaborative Workshops, Individual Mentoring and Knowledge System Building.

Our Change and Innovation Programs ensure the internal alignment and the creation of multidisciplinary teams that can break through silos and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Innovation Team Working Programs are oriented on identifying, developing and deploying the innovation skills and creative talents of participants, starting from the assessment approach adopted by Tom Kelley (Ten Faces of Innovation, 2008). The goal is to create the "optimal" teams for Your innovation projects.