Sustainable Impact Modeling
Our goal is to help enterprises to achieve a sustainable development, to find the right balance between resilience, efficiency and innovation. We give support to companies and organization focused on sustainable strategic development, in terms of profitability, ethical behavior, social justice and environment.

Furthermore, within the food supplements, functional foods, novel foods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices markets, we design and develop Your innovative business models according to UN Sustainable Development Goals and guidance.

Our distinguishing competency is the ability to work within complex systems and to model strategic and operational business solutions in a very short time, activating a vast range of creative and scientific techniques, collaborative innovation methods, management knowledge and specific sector competencies.

BLYMUM approach exploits business modeling based upon modular systems that are both product-oriented and people-oriented and their combinations: found on the Sustainable Value Innovation methodology (SVI-ALDEHYDE MBS®, by CINNAM SRL) and aimed at contributing to the harmony between the company’s internal and external environment, people’s wellness, business development and the overall sustainable economic and human growth.

Livella®, our distinctive methodology to health and wellbeing improvement, is regularly adopted for Sustainable Impact Modeling.